Our Philosophy

We are dedicated to developing progressive, person centred and cost effective support services which produce positive, measurable outcomes for the service users. We believe that everyone has the ability to learn new skills and achieve improved levels of independence and enhanced self esteem when provided with the appropriate support. Key to these services will be ongoing service user consultation, through tailored communication approaches, and involvement in all aspects of service provision such as, support planning, risk assessment and service reviews. Thus allowing service users to take control over their own lives and how their services are delivered.

We believe that everyone has the right be a valued and contributing member of their local community irrespective of any disabilities and will support our service users to undertake any community based activities/pastimes or interests that they wish to pursue.

We understand the importance of family contact to the service users and value the ongoing and regular involvement of families in service provision and decision making. We believe very strongly in supporting service users to maintain regular and meaningful family contact.

We are committed to establishing and maintaining the right ethos in all our staff teams from the outset. Staff members are carefully selected for their skills, knowledge, attitudes and values. High standards and good working practices are maintained through appropriate, ongoing training and personal development programmes as well as regular supervisions for all staff.

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